2021 – What’s in store for me?

Welcome everyone to 2021. I’m sure that most of you are all glad to see the back of 2020 what with the Covid-19 pandemic still being sorted out and all.

But this is my personal blog and I let what’s on my mind be broadcast on here.

I started out 2021 on a really quiet note – just sleeping in on my own. No music, no candlelight, nobody to cuddle up to, no watching fireworks on TV. With my car being off the road (again) it’s pretty much the way that I started the year.

Like many people, I have got some goals and plans for 2021 which I want to materialize.

  1. Be less of a loose cannon on social media. It reminds me of a saying when I was a kid: “Empty vessels make the most noise”. As a result, I am going to post less political rants on FB and use it more to promote musical events as well as Dr. Who meetups.
  2. Be more professional and grounded with my music, photography and life drawing. As it goes, there’s been a major backlash against me in the local arts and music scene over the last few years. I want to start learning more from other people, and stop going off with the fairies so much.
  3. Start planning my spending better and be more money smart than I have been for years. I constantly had this niggling program in my head saying that I don’t deserve to have a job I like doing, I don’t deserve to be prosperous, and I don’t deserve to be able to enjoy my money. This thinking has caused me to lose a lot of jobs in the past and live virtually hand to mouth. It’s time that I changed, no matter how much time I might have wasted previously focusing on the ‘scarcity mentality’.
  4. Continue to reach out to others in the community with volunteer work for Meals On Wheels, Lifeline Bookfest and also Queensland Brain Institute. Where naturism is concerned, I still want to do some outreach to people with mental ailments and differences but it’s just a matter of being able to get more people to want to attend meetup and events – something that I’ve struggled with doing for years. I don’t like being seen as charmless and unpopular, especially when it comes to promoting a lifestyle that is already unpopular in Australia anyway.
  5. Spirituality – I’ve been rather lax with it of late, especially with my work giving me less scope for doing things that I really like. I want to attract more positive energy into my life, and whilst I don’t smoke or get drunk or take illegal drugs or gamble, I still have a couple of vices that I want to get under control in order to live a more prosperous and abundant life. And I am thankful for my mother and long time friend Maithri Jayawardhana for helping to open a few new avenues with it in the recent past.
  6. Health. This is the BIG one. I’ve come to accept that I can no longer take my health and wellbeing for granted. I need to cut out eating crappy foods, lazing around and not exercising. I’m nearly 120kg in weight, and if I’m not careful I could be prone to getting diabetes when I’m a bit older. I want to start walking, swimming and going to the gym again as well as doing yoga and meditation once my weight has gone down substantially. The body, mind/emotions and spirit are all interlinked, and if you are out of whack on one then you’ll be out of whack on the others too.

Anyway, that’s my blog for now. For anyone else who is reading this, what are your plans for 2021?

Trouble in Naturist Paradise

For much of this year, my social life has (as with many others) been impeded by the Covid-19 pandemic. More recently, I have also got myself a paid night time job, the first time in nearly three years.

As everyone who knows me or is familiar with me would know, my main three life passions are photography, gigs and the naturist/nudist lifestyle.

In the 30 years that I have been a naturist, I have mostly had a lot of good and great times and memories with it and met some really nice and cool people in it.

On the other side of the coin, I have also had some negative experiences with it with some not very nice people who have taken to bullying me and having me excluded from events simply because I am outspoken in calling out unethical, inappropriate and unfair behavior with the nudist movement as well as debunking nudist propaganda which tries to make out to outsiders that we are all 100% happy, accepting, compassionate, tolerant Utopiac people.

Unfortunately, this is certainly not the case. At the end of the day, nudists are fallen, mortal human beings who are capable of sinful and inappropriate behaviour just like any other human being is.

A fortnight ago, I attended a swim party organized by an inveterate nudist group in Brisbane known as the Town And Country Naturist Incorporated (formerly known as Adam & Eve Club). I paid my cover charge and went in. Over the space of two hours, I relaxed in the pools and had a chat with a couple of friends there as well as introducing myself to some of the new people who have no idea who I am or my past history in the nudist world.

Everything went well, and halfway through the swim I left to return to Brisbane to see a friend’s band play in town.

Over the space of the week, some people in the nudist scene with an axe to grind with me had found out somehow that I had attended the swim, and they took to bullying and blackmailing the club, telling the committee that if I continued to be allowed at the swim parties, they would withdraw any support for the club both socially and financially.

Quite frankly, I find this behaviour absolutely unfair, disgusting and unethical. One of the most important commandments in the best selling book of all time states: “You shall not make false accusations against your fellow man”.

These people have not only tried to send my nudist life crashing down around me, they are now threatening a local club whose Secretary (Kerry Robinson) I have got a good rapport with, and both of us are very unhappy with the recent schoolyard bullying tactics of some individuals who have threatened to wreck this club.

After discussing this with Mr. Robinson this afternoon, for the sake of the Town And Country Naturist Inc. club, I have voluntarily removed myself from any future events that they organize.

I have been made aware this fair minded and accepting club has been banned by some “naturists”, because they did not ban me. Since the 12th of October, the club has been bullied and suffered the threat of financial blackmail.

In order for this club to survive I will remove myself from future functions created by this long standing and tolerant club, and focus on getting my own social group up and running.

If anyone in the local nudist/naturist scene has got a problem with me, please do the right thing and either contact me on 0437 428 859 or at: brisbanenaturists@live.com or better still organize to meet me face to face to discuss matters, rather than gossip and slander me behind my back.

Just Like Starting Over – The Thwarted Pop Career Of Laissez-Fayre

As many of my friends on Facebook know, one of my major goals and dreams in life is to start up the band Laissez-Fayre.

I have been trying to get it together since the late 1990s.  The idea for it originally came when I was reading the book Who’s Who Of Australian Rock, and there was an entry for a Brisbane band called Chicks Incorporated.  This band was virtually an all-girl band doing a blend of 70’s pop, dance, funk and rock.  They were led by drummer and producer Miriam Curtis (d. 2012), and fronted by Safanya.  The band was around between 1977 – 1982 and signed with RCA Records, making them one of the few Brisbane bands to be signed with a major label (the others were The Saints on EMI, Silver Studs on Philips, and Railroad Gin on Polydor).  Originally, they tried to be an all-girl band but had difficulty with finding competent players.  Plus their live stage shows were often overshadowed by a couple of wild and sexy backing dancers.

I thought, “Hmmmm, Brisbane could definitely do with another band like this again, but this time putting a twist on it: make it a concept band to endorse the naturist lifestyle”.

In 1998, I decided to try and get the band together fronted by four female singers who also had done nude modelling.  They were my then-girlfriend Julie Hepburn (whom I was doing the band Blackened with), Anna Petrie, Djuana Moore and Toni Monaghan.  After seeing Take That in concert in 1995, I also thought that for this band to work out they should also be able to do sets where they play instruments.  Julie had been learning a bit of guitar, Djuana played drums, and Anna could play a bit of keyboards.  Sadly, it didn’t eventuate due to some problems that I was having at the time with my residency after a dispute with a neighbour.  Anna ended up joining another band as a singer, and Djuana concentrated more on doing dancing and I didn’t hear much from Toni after doing a photo shoot with her for Sun & Health magazine about vegetarianism and naturism.

Julie and I decided to focus on Blackened with other musicians Tammy Berry (bass), Lisa Falovic (drums), and Katie Middleton (keyboards and vocals) and we got a couple of gigs and an interview on 4ZZZ’s demo show with Gordon Clarke, before splitting up due to lack of interest in us from the music business.

The following year, Julie and myself broke up after I had hit a low when my car was stolen and I found it difficult to get work.  In January 2001, after getting bored of vegetating I decided to relaunch my idea with some new members: Eliza Abbate (ne Pears), Carol O’Brien (aka Kitty Stevenson), Jane, Trish Bathersby, Bonnie Moir and Tema Morris.

We rehearsed for a number of months at Red Zeds Studios and a private house in Springwood, but unfortunately Bonnie’s mental health problems together with Kitty living on the edge and Trish deciding to move to the Gold Coast put it on the back burner.

I turned my attention towards managing The Busymen, who were a lot more active on the local music scene, and decided to try again in 2006 with advertising in the local music press and The Courier Mail.  This time, I got Yvette Jones (vocals), Kym Kruse (organ and keyboards), and Lindy Rakatau (drums).  With this lineup, we ended up recording some demos on Kym’s desktop computer to put up on Myspace.  The tracks were: “Don’t Say Sorry”, “R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y”, “Pain Of Fools”, “Meat To Please You” and “Paper Wedding Dress”.  We then added bass player Megan Longley to the lineup, but after creative differences with Kruse came up the band disintegrated once again.  Later that year, I re-established contact with Bonnie and also befriended a vocalist and songwriter Caroline Smith and started working on the songs with them.

In 2009, I tried again with recruiting a new lineup and got Nova Eva Ciera (vocals) and Amanda Hurdman (vocals on keyboards) and recorded a jam session which Boston Bob from The Busymen filmed, as well as doing a performance at nudist venue Balkaz in Caboolture for the Free Beaches Australia’s AGM.  Nova and Amanda and myself had a great rapport with each other, but in January 2010 Amanda moved down to Melbourne to pursue a career in acting and modelling and ended up being cast in a few feature films and an indie TV show “It’s Not You – It’s Bree”.  Nova decided to hang up her musical career for personal reasons and once again I had to put things on hold.

Not to be deterred, I worked on a new lineup in 2011 with Alyssa Maughan (vocals and djembe) and Penny Pardon (vocals).  We got to play at a few open mics at Grill’d Bulimba before Penny ended up moving to Sydney for work commitments.

In late 2012, I built a new lineup consisting of Shelley Morris (drums), Kate McMillan (viola), and Cassie Trent (vocals).  Shelley and myself played at Northey Street City Farm in Windsor in October that year, the same day that I also befriended Violent Soho when I took part in their video for “Neighbour, Neighbour” which they filmed at a house in Zillmere and I did a scene where I jumped in the pool and did a striptease and chucked my undies at the cameraman.  It didn’t make the final cut, but I was invited back for their following video “In The Aisle” where I recreated the World Naked Bike Ride in July 2013.

This new lineup for Laissez-Fayre recorded a demo in the dining room at my place in Bethania, which I was renting with a nudist friend Kevin Gates.  We did the songs “Born This Way (Nude)”, “Botoxic”, “Stop Segregation”, “Unisexual”, “I’m Free”, “The X Factor”, and “Nekkid” which was produced by myself and engineered by Shelley.  No photos were taken of this session, but I put up some of the tracks on Myspace, YouTube and SoundCloud.  “Nekkid” ended up getting over 114,000 hits on my main YouTube channel with no radio airplay, or publishing company or record company distribution.  It even overtook The Veronicas song “Cross My Heart” in the popularity stakes for a while, until some dibber dobber falsely reported the video as being ‘pornographic’ and it got deleted.  I tried to appeal it with YouTube, but they refused to reinstate it even after it was age-restricted.

Between 2013 – early 2020, I’d pretty much decided to give up the idea of ever succeeding in a major way with this band.  I had been getting a lot of negative criticism from some people in the local music scene, and even got threatened with stalking, being bashed up and one guy sending me dick pics to my Facebook Messenger.

However, I do have a resolve of iron and it reminds me of Robert The Bruce going into retreat during a battle when he hid in a cave and saw a spider weaving a web in stormy weather.  The rain kept washing the web out and the spider still kept weaving it.  This inspired him a lot to decide never to give up no matter how stormy the weather is.  As long as you have the life force in you, there’s hope.  Don’t give up on your dreams and aspirations just because other people say ‘no’, or mock and revile you for doing so.

Sadly, Australia has got a very nasty cancerous attitude towards people who want to be successful (except in sports) known as the Tall Poppy Syndrome.  If you want to achieve something grandiose, unusual, or special then they will mark you down for burning.  I’ve been burned several times because of my desire.  I’ve been called a ‘rapist’, a ‘paedophile’ and a ‘drug addict’ by online cowards who hardly know me in person because I want to create a future where people are comfortable in their own skin and respecting the animal kingdom and the natural environment.

Frankly, I don’t care how long it’s going to take me as long as I get there.  As Bon Jovi once wrote “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.

You can check out Laissez-Fayre’s links at:











Happy Days Are Here Again

2020 has not been seen as a good year for many people, especially with the Corona virus pandemic and political tempers between China, the USA and North Korea flaring up.

Yet for me, things have actually been going on the upward spiral surprisingly enough.  I started driving again in February of this year after being off the road since July last year.  Plus, I have been interviewed by not one, not two, but THREE podcast hosts about my music and naturist lifestyle, which has led to renewed interest in Laissez-Fayre.

Despite the fact that my electric guitar has been in repairs for some time now, I have been quite active with my music from playing at the Indooroopilly Activity Hub with d-Wizz 2.0 as well as a gig with Spray The Wall and Edward Guglielmino at Flaming Galah in January.

We are aiming to release our first EP “Success Is Not A Number” on d-Wizz’s 46th birthday on August 6th, and the song “Get Over Me” has been played a few times on 4ZZZ FM radio too.

One of my other musician friends Carolyn Dee has recorded a country rocker with my music teacher Tara Neilsen’s producer Khesrow Rasta producing it called “Slave Planet”, about the Corona virus pandemic and how everyone feels oppressed and repressed by the lockdown laws.  She asked me to put it on my YouTube channel, so I did.  It’s had around over 600 hits recently, which I am very happy with.

On May 15th, Emma Dean released her single “Real Life Computer Game” with her online choir Cheep Trill, and I was one of 100 voices on it doing the alto harmony and backing vocals.  The song reached over 1,000 hits on YouTube within 9 days of being released and it’s still peaking.

Laissez-Fayre’s song “Binge Drinking”, originally released in 2009 on YouTube has recently gone over 1,000 hits and d-Wizz 2.0’s “Choco-block Freak” has got over 2,000 hits.  The latter makes it the highest viewed song that I’ve played an instrument on YouTube, and “Nekkid” has made nearly 5,000 hits on Vimeo.  I feel really pleased with myself that people are starting to take a bit more notice of my music.

One of my main goals this year is to record a couple of tributes to my late friend Alan Merrill (Arrows/Runner/Streak/Vodka Collins/Lou Rawls/Rick Derringer band).  He died in New York City on Palm Sunday from the Corona virus in a hospital at the age of 69.  Alan and myself were long time friends on Facebook and Instagram.  He always looked out for me online when I was feeling down or on a creative low and cheered me up with his cheery and positive posts.  I did an Arrows song “Touch Too Much” and put it on YouTube in 2012, and he was the first to comment.  As a result of his passing, I want to record a cover of the song together with a rap/rock number called “Hey Little Boy” that I wrote, which is based on his best known song “I Love Rock’n’Roll”.  RIP, Alan.

Finally, just this weekend gone, I realized one of my longtime creative goals, and that was to pose for Spencer Tunick.  I was picked to appear in his online photo installation “Stay Apart Together” on Zoom, which I did at Life Within on the Gold Coast, a budding New Age naturist retreat that my friend Richard Curtis runs with his wife Diana.  Spencer got me to pose nude with a face mask on facing the camera and then turning to the side, cropped at the waist.  Although I didn’t get picked for the subsequent shoots, he is going to email me a copy of the photo at the end of the month so I’m really looking forward to that.

I feel a lot more freer and positive and confident after that shoot.  After spending much of 2019 feeling down in the dumps, it’s finally time for me to celebrate.  Sure, I have my ‘off’ days like everyone else, but I don’t let them affect me as much as they did before.

Bring on the rest of 2020! 🙂


Revival And Returning To My Roots

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything onto this site, but I feel the need to write about it all the same.

March – May 2019 has been a very harrowing time for me in which my attitude to drugs and crime has been exacerbated.

For a long time during my teens to mid-40’s I had been rather liberal to ambivalent in my outlook on drugs and drug use.

I had admittedly upset quite a number of people on my Facebook page when I complained about what drug use can do to alter people’s minds, and usually not in a positive way and calling for the Australian government to re-introduce the death penalty for anyone who deals in the hard drug market.

On Friday 1st March this year at 3:30am, a deranged woman called Joyce Amelia Smith who was high off her face on either smack or ice came charging into my flat armed with an axe and she smashed the window for the front door with it, then opened the door and smashed down my housemate’s bedroom door and threatened to kill him.  She screamed at him for leaving voice messages on her mobile phone ordering her to pay up a debt she owed him, and he had not done it in the most tactful manner either.  Joyce tried to get me out of bed as well as I was barricaded in my room and yelled “Dario, come out, you’re a witness to this!” and I just shouted back “This has got nothing to do with me!”

Finally, my housemate threatened to call 000 on her, and she promptly left, leaving shards of glass strewn all over the floor.  Five minutes later the police arrived to ask him questions about the break-in, and then they got the forensic detectives in to photograph the scene.

I was pretty shaken, but not shocked.  I thought to myself that this was going to happen due to my housemate’s tactless attitude towards women and me and another friend of his Damien gave him a lecture to NEVER threaten a woman with violence over the phone no matter how angry you might be with them.

Joyce was eventually found by the police and promptly arrested and charged for breaking and entering and attempted murder.  She has been served with a DVO and ordered to pay restitution for the repairs to the front door and the bedroom door.

As if this was not enough, in late April, I was driving one of my other ex-housemates to a party in Caboolture after picking up a so-called “friend” of hers from McDonald’s in Kangaroo Point.  I had been giving her lifts because she had always paid me to take her swimming or shopping or to the doctors.  On this occasion, when we picked this other girl up a guy whom I did not know jumped in the car as well and said that he wanted to be taken to the party.

About 90% of the way there, he and the other passenger Chelsea McKinnon started a fight with my ex-housemate and she got up from her seat and started laying into both of them.  The guy then smashed the drivers passenger window with a hammer, and I stopped the car and ordered them all out at a service station.  I was absolutely furious to say the least.  The guy offered to pay me $150 for the window and then he and Chelsea ran off on foot, and told me that they were wanted by police.

I left my former housemate at the service station and drove back to her mother’s place and told her what had happened.  She was quite sympathetic towards me, and then I decided to block the housemate from my Facebook profile and messenger after she started getting desperate and uppity with me when I told her to find her own way home.  I had had enough of real life drug and crime related dramas and vowed that I would only let my closest friends in the car from then on to give lifts to if they needed to go somewhere.  It also put me off Uber driving as well, considering that I had also downgraded my car after my Dad bought the Holden Cruze, which had been purchased by my housemate in July.

My housemate went to Victims Of Crime with me, and we saw a JP about the case on March 1st.  He advised us to get both psychological and psychiatric counselling for the mental/emotional anguish we both had suffered.  As a result, I had to take some weeks off working with Meals On Wheels due to becoming clumsy, listless and scatterbrained during my shifts as well as feeling very tired and low on energy.

From late April till mid-June, I went on a soul searching crusade.  I decided to start revisiting my old psychiatrist and getting psychological help with keeping my mind focused on what I really wanted out of life.  For too long, I had been procrastinating and promulgating with what I wanted to be doing with my music, photography and naturist pursuits.

Finally, I put the wise old saying “Never Forget Where You Are Coming From” into action.  I started re-attending church with my brother Lee, and also offered to do readings, music and prayer group leadership.  I also started to do my model photography again and charge for my services for aspiring models.  Two friends of mine in the local naturist movement Kevin Ruhle and Sandra Stewart convinced me to allow them to become co-admins for the Brisbane Naturists group and help me deal with some of the nasty rumours that had been spread about me at places like Balkaz and Pacific Sun Friends in Caboolture and Donnybrook.

Around this time, I also bought a copy of the book “How Life Works” by Andrew Matthews, whose books “Making Friends” and “Being Happy” were of enormous comfort to me back in 1991 when I had a mental breakdown and needed to get my life together.  I started reading his books again, and also started reading the Bible again as well as starting to read the Bhagavad Gita and Louise Hay’s books “You Can Heal Your Life” and “Life: Reflections On Your Journey” and listening to Dr. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” on MP3.

Through a series of mental disciplines, I have started thinking positive and thinking big about my dreams, goals and aspirations.  I don’t want to settle for second best in life.  Louise Hay taught me an important affirmation in life “I deserve the best and I accept it now”.  The more I meditate on this, the more I am starting to move forward with my life.  I have started to keep my former housemates at a bit of a distance to focus on my friends in the music and photography and naturist worlds who are willing to help me succeed with what I want to do.

It’s not going to be an easy ride admittedly.  But one large journey starts out with one small step, and a step in the right direction.  When we manage issues and situations effectively, we lead people.

June is shaping up to be a month of opportunities, and I have a feeling the next couple of months ahead will see things dramatically improve for me from being an obscure nobody to someone who does matter to others.

Most importantly, *I* matter to God.  He has plans for me, and the more I give back to the community I think the more the plans will unfurl.  I’ve started to attend more Christian events in Brisbane lately such as a workshop on decluttering my life and living conditions, and also want to do the Men’s Rites Of Passage Workshop that has been advertised quite heavily on 96.5 FM (providing it is not too expensive – will have to check it out today).

So, as a surrealist I like to romanticize the good things about my past and injecting my future with optimism.  I will be updating this page a lot more now, and in July will purchase a web hosting plan with an official URL https://www.dariowestern.com and/or https://www.dariowestern.com.au

It’s time that I got back into the swing of things.  If I don’t start today, then I never will.

Body Discovery Project- Holly


The body discovery project uses the artist style of Shani Finch incorporated with human models. The lines and shapes are designed to provide a positive platform for the models to discover the curves of their body.

Holly- “My relationship with my body had always been a little strained. I grew large breasts at a young age and they garnered a lot of unwanted and unwarranted attention that I was not equipped to handle while still so juvenile. I not only felt objectified, but I felt out of control. There was nothing I could do to slow the progression of the change occurring within and without me. I began to crumble under the weight of being thrust into this sexual sphere that I didn’t want to be a part of. I was studious and prided myself on my internal value. It was like a betrayal to be associated merely by this…

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Kick-starting this site again

After languishing for most of the last few years, I thought that now is the time to get this site back on the go again since things are finally coming into place for me where my pursuits are concerned.

In December last year, I made the decision to move from Deagon to Chermside with a friend of mine Karley Staehr, whom I have known since 2013 from Model Mayhem.  Although the first couple of months were a bit rocky for her, she’s now settled in nicely and looking forward to this year.

Musically, I have been working with Aboriginal elder Roderick Tyson on a band with him playing at charity concerts like Closing The Gap and NAIDOC which help the Aboriginal community with health, housing and wellbeing.  We mostly do covers and will eventually be doing some original numbers as well.

I’ve also been taking up singing lessons with a couple who live in Nudgee called Tara Neilsen and Khesrow Rasta.  They recently recorded me doing a cover of the Tears For Fears song “Mad World” in a similar style to how Gary Jules and Michael Andrews did it.  It received 100 views within 4 days of putting it out onto YouTube.  Although it isn’t the type of music that I normally sing, nevertheless it has still put me on the musical map.

D-Wizz 2.0 recorded some tracks for the upcoming albums “Success Is Not A Number” and “Paper Tiger” with renowned Brisbane rock music producers Jeff Lovejoy (The Cruel Sea, Powderfinger, Six Ft Hick, Pretty Violet Stain, Regurgitator, Lavish) and Brian Mann (The Girlies, The Screaming Tribesmen, Mick Medew & The Mesmerizers, Preston).  This act shows D-Wizz’s and my own love for 60’s and 70’s music, particularly glam rock and power pop.

Laissez-Fayre has been rather on and off due to the rather conservative musical political climate of Brisbane.  I had been jamming with a couple of hopeful candidates for the band Tayjsha Tarrant and Sarah Jane Edwards, and done a couple of gigs at Pacific Sun Friends with Sarah before she turned her attention more to the metal scene.

This year, I am working on a new lineup and hoping to re-record the vocals for the songs “Nekkid” and “Botoxic” to put out as singles.  “Nekkid” ended up becoming my most listened to song on YouTube in 2013/14 garnering over 113K views, even outdoing The Veronicas song “Cross My Heart” before it was deleted after somebody falsely flagged the video as ‘pornography’.

The Brisbane Naturists group has had a few good meet-ups, most of them being hosted at a couple’s place in Carina who are part of the Vita Nuda Brisbane group.  The VNB group is mainly targeted towards young adults, although their meetups haven’t been all that well attended for some reason despite having over 625 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page.

Work-wise, I am now working with Meals On Wheels in Geebung on a Tuesday morning, and have been doing so since 2015.  I have no intention of giving it away as I get on well with my co-workers as well as my clients, and it gives me joy to be able to contribute to the community again.  I’m also looking to get back into doing some paid work in the near future.

I’ve also been studying for a diploma in Business at Careers Australia in Bowen Hills, as well as one in leadership and management which I want to apply to my music and naturist interests.  It’s a lot harder than I had originally envisioned, but I’m still determined to finish them.

The main goal that I am working towards is getting the Soundtrack Productions record label up and going again.  This is Brisbane’s premiere indie label, which originally ran between 1965 – 1967 at a disused bakery in Cannon Hill and put out a few records by Bobby Dean & The Worried Minds, Robin Gardini and a community choir.  In mid 2014, I approached my long-time friend Andrew Ainsworth (now a music and sci-fi writer) about reactivating the label.  He agreed to do it along with a Gold Coast music trader called Greg Cuffe.  The next couple of years they spent unearthing a whole load of obscure and never released recordings that some Brisbane bands had made to send to radio stations.  In November 2016, they were released on a compilation album called “Kaptain Kavemen From Brisbane” and launched at the Brisbane Record Fair at The Rumpus Room in West End.

I have since started up a Facebook page for the label at https://www.facebook.com/soundtrackproductionsptyltd as well as a group in which members can make their own posts at https://www.facebook.com/groups/soundtrackproductions

Anyway, that is about all that I can write about at the moment, but I will be getting a host for this site as dariowestern.com shortly so it will be very easy for people to locate this page on the Internet.


“A dreamer demands the impossible.  An idealist demands the impractical.” – Marilyn Vos Savant

This has not been the easiest blog post for me to be writing, but it has to be written.

It started off with my 100 Things To Do In A Year list, which was to enable me to stretch my comfort zones with doing a number of things I normally wouldn’t do to empower me to become a better and successful person.

2013 has no doubt been a great year for me in several ways, but the end part has been quite a challenging year in which I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to help save the world and myself, instead of looking to change it, I need to simply submit to both.

Being a rather defensive and antagonistic person, I am still coming to terms with this.

Having been a nudist for 23 years now, and a vegetarian/vegan on an off for almost as long, I had initially bought philosophies of life purporting tolerance, inclusivity and compassion.  Unfortunately, the reality is not so clear cut as it may seem.

I originally joined the nudist way of life as a means in the hope of finding acceptance and romantic love with the right woman since none of my textile peers seemed to show me much respect and make me feel welcome in their presence as a teenager.  Then, I decided to give it a go after a former friend who had gone AWOL showed me some nudist magazines he had bought with loads of families, healthy and happy looking people in it.

After three initially unnerving visits to Sunrays Swim club, I took to it.  It felt good to swim naked, get massages naked, and of course sunbathe naked.  However, the biggest downfall of the nudist world is the thing that they deny the most: sexual attraction.

Unless you are a eunuch or a child, as a fully fledged adult you’ve got to be kidding yourself if you don’t have SOME underlying sexual motivation for wanting to become a nudist.  Especially with so many young adults asking if nudist clubs and groups accept swingers.  Sexual attraction is not talked in or out of us: it is an important and inheren part of our biological makeup whether man of beast.  Is it any wonder then that “real” asexual social nudity only really tends to attract people past their prime, or people who have a very low sex drive? And yet, it is often those who shout “nudism is not about sex”, “being naked is not about sex” that often get caught with their pants down.

As a young single man in my early 20’s, I was reprimanded by a club organizer for showing interest in the occasional beautiful young women who would visit.  Erections are frowned on by many older nudists as “offensive” and “wrong” and “bad”, and “inappropriate”.

The other problem with nudist philosophy is it allegedly purports to be about freedom, but that “freedom” is only limited to being free of wearing clothes only.  I have found a number of nudists in the English speaking world to be some of the most oppressed and repressed people.  Nudism has become a form of naked Freemasonry bound to secrecy, suspicion, distrust and precious attitudes.  No mentioning full names of some people, as well as a number of clubs and social groups still shunning out single males, families and children.  We need to take off the rose-coloured glasses and see why the world laughs at our hypocrisy, political correctness and sanctimonious attitudes.

The Christian nudist movement is also a very fragmented one with its practitioners ranging from ultra conservative prudes still stick in the 1950’s mentality and morality, to some of these disturbing sectist types who thing that paedophilia, ephebophilia and incest are okay because “it’s in the Scriptures” or “Christ died for our sins so he is our scapegoat”.  Wrong! Jesus had VERY sharp words to say about such practices – and recommended drowning for anyone who abuses a child and/or causes them to lose faith in God.

With that said, I support the de-ghettoization of nudity such as what Vincent Bethell, Steve Gough, Richard A Collins, Gypsy Taub, Melanie Roberts and Felicity Jones have been doing.  With nobody (except a couple of businessmen) taking offence to seeing me naked on the streets in Violent Soho’s video clip, it is time for the nudist philosophers and cult nudism to move on and give way to the individual’s right to practice it as he/she sees fit without the need to join a hierarchal organization or club with its petty politics and formalities, or even cherry-picking the Bible or other sacred texts to rationalize their need for inner-peace and happiness being naked publicly.

If you want to be a nudist, then be honest about why you want to.  Whether it is a matter of aesthetic pleasure, or you enjoy the feeling of swimming unencumbered or exercising.  Events like Burning Man, ConFest, and venues like The Grand Barn, Terra Cotta Inn, Caliente and Turtle Lake frankly have a more finer and mature take on nudity, and also get more females attending them than the old-school asexual old-boys networks still hopelessly stuck in the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s.  Those days are gone – live in today’s world and today’s mores.  It is now the C-21.  Nudism will not heal the world, but when practices more openly, honestly and without any exclusivity it can help make the world a bit more of a tolerant place.


And while we talk about tolerance, the vegan movement is no more Utopiac, politically correct and idyllic than the nudist movement is.  I initially got into it in around September 2011 to try and lose weight.  Like nudism, veganism purports a return to a more Edenic, ideal world where no animal cruelty, exploitation or consumption by human beings exists.

Ironically, it was a vegan celebrity (Jess Origliasso from The Veronicas) who had indirectly inspired me to re-think my outlook on veganism and my place in humanity as well as nudism.

A few months after I turned vegan, in January 2012, I started going out with a woman three years older than me who was a vegan and also visually impaired with a guide dog, whom she also raised to be a vegan.  The fact that we were on the same page with veganism as well as her being a nudist having spent time in intentional communes in Nimbin caused me to let my cynical guard down, and just surrender myself to her.

All was going well until we attended Easter ConFest 2012 with some nudist friends of mine.  We stopped at several roadhouses and pubs on the way there which did stuff all to cater for vegans.  As I hadn’t eaten beef steak for a long time or chicken, I thought the least I could order for a hot meal was fish and chips for lunch.  She was both horrified and angry and she refused to join me for lunch with my friends.  Then on Easter Sunday, we went to a local café in Moulamein for breakfast with the others and decided as a rare treat to order poached eggs on toast, and that upset her even more.  For the rest of the festival she became distant and tactiturn as if I had had an affair behind her back.  Two weeks after arriving back in Brisbane she decided to end our relationship saying she “needed a vegan man”.

Not to try being outdone and to give veganism another go, I decided to join a group of local vegans to see if maybe I could get the diet to work for me with no romantic strings attached.  I eventually realized that the vegan world is almost exclusively the naturist lifestyle of the matriarchy in the sense that most of it’s devout practitioners are female – some of whom are single in the hope of finding vegan guys to hook up with, or non-vegan guys whom they try to convert to their way of life.  And as the old saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.  Indeed, one woman’s magazine once said for advice on marriage “If your man wants bacon and eggs for breakfast, start frying.  You can always put him on a yoghurt and bran diet when you’re married”.

Yet with all the idealism it’s built on, the vegan movement can be just as divisive, judgemental and hypocritical as the nudist movement is, but on a more morally sound level – to stop animal cruelty and save the environment.  There are several types of vegans out there, but the most prominent ones are the anarchists who do it out for social reform, abolitionists (those who do not think humans should rely on or use animals for anything at all, period); and the health freaks who think everyone should become vegan to improve their health, lose weight and reduce cancer – which preys on women’s insecurities on having the “perfect” body and their overall health as well as compassion for animals which they will readily buy into.  I had taken the abolitionist approach, and became increasingly judgmental and argumentative with the meat-eating people to the point of alienating a number of them.

Veganism perpetuates to be about mercy and compassion, yet one local vegan activist has since refused to talk to me again regarding a faux pas I had committed some months ago regarding a photo she had posted onto my Facebook news feed.  Meanwhile, my physical health was starting to deteriorate with being vegan.  I felt tired, aloof, insular, and listless and fractious.

Treated with scorn by several prominent people in the local nudist scene, and also with apathy by most people in the vegan scene, there was one last thing that gave me a reality check and re-think my values.

Upon returning to Brisbane from LA after splitting with Warner Music, The Veronicas had announced on their Facebook fan page earlier this month they were doing a public fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charity.  I was initially shocked to know that since they had done campaigning for PETA some years before regarding exposing the barbaric nature of the fur trade which had partly won me over to being a fan of them.  However, as I had also been attending church again just before their return I came to the conclusion that as a human species, as well as like all sentient beings, we are inherently compelled to care about our own species first before all others.  Author Marilyn Vos Savant said a similar thing in her book “Of COURSE I’m For Monogamy” several years back regarding her comments about lion cubs being trapped in some pit on a wildlife documentary earning both scorn from regular viewers and glowing comments from an animal welfare group.  Unfortunately, I don’t have her book in my collection anymore.  Jesus taught to “love our neighbor”, but he never said anything about treating animals with same level of respect and equality as human beings.  The animals he talks about in some of his parables were metaphorical for the people who followed him and his ways.  As far as diet and legalism was concerned, he simply said “It is not what goes into a person that defiles them, but rather what departs from them that does”.  He was not talking about physical excrement, but spiritual excrement from the heart which some of these hardcore vegans sprout when someone disagrees with them.

This had convicted me of my abolitionist approach, and the one last thing that I figured I need to do was seeing as I was attempting to go back to where I was coming from to return to the omnivorous diet I had originally been brought up with again and the changes came almost instantly.  The lethargy is gone.  I feel more focused, motivated, and less fractious.

That said, I still abhor animal cruelty for fashion, sport, fun, entertainment, and factory farming.  Looking back now, I think that the RSPCA is more realistic about animal welfare than some of these fringe groups with their misanthropic and toxic outlook on mainstream society is concerned.

If being a vegetarian or a vegan is the right thing for YOU to do as an individual, then go with it.  Listen to your body’s truth than anyone else’s “truths” above all.  No-one knows you better than yourself.  If your body has cravings for animal products, then use them in your diet.  Don’t lie to your body or to yourself.

Same thing goes for if you are a nudist.  If you are truly happy with who and what you are and not worried with what other people think of you, then do it.  If it enriches your life then definitely stick it out.  But I advise others not to make the mistake I made and treat these philosophies like the golden calf.  As with anything, if you stake all your happiness in them they will let you down sooner or later.

We must be careful not to give our basic common sense of compassion to Utopianism.  The world will always go on as it is.  The apostle Paul quite clearly pointed out: “See to it that nobody fools you with hollow and deceptive philosophy which comes from the ruling spirits of the Universe, and not from Christ”.

To conclude: Dream for sure for YOUR own better world, but don’t idealise.  Otherwise you will end up disillusioned and disappointed with your life like I was.


People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

The nudist world is up in arms at the moment over a video that was posted on YouTube featuring Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell discussing nudist beaches, which Simon unwittingly visited whilst on a recent vacation.


Simon described the experience like “finding yourself on a minefield” and “there was literally no place that I could go without a small or large whatsit in front of me – mainly small”.  He went on to say “What I found most amazing about this nudist beach was how many ugly people there were.  I thought they would all be cute, but seriously!”  Both of them agreed that the people on the beach were those who “shouldn’t be” nude and that many of them were lying down with their legs wide open.

Not trying to get too PC here, but I was offended by these superficial and glib remarks about nudists, especially coming from one of the most powerful and influential men in the entertainment industry at time of writing.

What business is it of his to go judging who is ‘ugly’ or not?  And what business is it of his to go saying that they all lie on the beach with their legs open?  As a beach nudist for the last 22 years, I have seldom seen nudists on Alex Bay or Cobbler’s Beach lying with their legs wide open.  And even if they do, it is NOT a sign to mean that they are sexually available, especially the women.

It is unfortunately a sad fact that there are some very creepy guys who go to nudist beaches not to enjoy the sun and sea but to just stare at unsuspecting women’s pubes.  This makes the women feel uncomfortable and most of them more often than not cut their beach trip short and head off home.  And then so many nudist guys are beside themselves as to why there are not enough women who are keen on going to nude beaches.

With my take on ugliness: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Not everybody likes to see skinny waif-like people naked anymore than not everyone likes seeing fat, or plus sized people on the beach regardless of whether naked or not.  Having a natural size 12 – 16 body size with curves or being cuddly is cool.  Being obese or anorexic is not.

If you are a nudist and talking about body pride and it being such a wonderful healthy lifestyle, then treat your body like it is a wonderful and healthy thing instead of eating the wrong foods and over-indulging in alcohol and soft drinks.  Why should you expect people to respect you if you don’t respect your body?  Though I can understand if you are overweight due to medical conditions like having pituarity gland problems or being on medications that can upset the body’s metabolism.

Most nudists and naturists in Europe live very healthy lives and thus keep their bodies well preserved, even the older people.  In the English speaking world, people are often raised on diets of junk food and fatty foods instead of eating sensibly.

What annoyed me the most about the conversation was stereotyping and judging coming from Ellen, who is also part of a human movement that is often mocked and marginalized by society (though not as bad as the nudists anymore).  She should know how it feels to be considered an outcast and a societal joke, so she ought to show a bit more empathy towards the nudists in general.

Remember the saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.  The majority of nudists support GBLT rights including gay marriage. So how about the GBLT leaders showing a bit of maturity and sympathy and realizing that nudists too should have social rights.

Digital Music & Reality Shows: Is A Revolt Necessary?

The narrowing of Australian society (and indeed the Western World) is one thing that has made me feel angry with pop culture.  When Big Brother first exploded on our screens in around 2001, I thought it was going to be a passing phase.  Just a bunch of yahoos and yahettes enjoying a bit of debaucherous fun that you could easily get at any weekend party or on Schoolies Week.  But the scary thing about the reality shows is that they have virtually taken over and monopolised 90% of the entertainment world.

It’s given rise to some pretty ugly people and egos whom in real life you would want to punch out so badly that they would never ever get a career in TV such as Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay.  Bullying, adultery, betrayal, talentless gits and sexual and social debauchery.  On one hand society hypocritically cries about cyber-bullying, kids safety and social decadence whilst on the other hand gleefully relishes these TV shows that show humanity at its lowest.  How many people in your day-to-day life do you see cry or get a hissy-fit if you don’t like their food?  If I was on a show like Master Chef, I’d tip my food over Gordon Ramsay’s head and calmly tell him to go fuck his mum up the jacksy if he was to lose his temper with me.  I refuse to listen to or co-operate with people who yell at me for anything be it a boss or business associate or politician etc.  I have no time for people who think they can manipulate me by yelling and screaming.

What’s worse about these shows is that they are on at a time when our young and impressionable are tuned into the TV the most.  Bring back the likes of Delia Smith, Peter Russell-Clarke and Bernard King to prime time TV if you want to learn how to prepare a special dish than laugh at other poor fools hamming them up.  TV is a wonderful device for education purposes, but the problem is that the government has abused it to allow all this reality show garbage on it to keep the masses ignorant as to what is REALLY going on in the world!

As for music reality shows, how many of us remember most of the people who got their break on them?  Remember Lee Harding, Cosima, Wes Carr, Paulini, Casey Donovan?  No? Thought not.  Unless you are someone like Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, or Ricki-Lee – forget about sustaining a successful and fulfilling career via a reality show.  At least Noll and Sebastian were accomplished musicians and had years of technical credibility behind them before their chart careers took off.  And now with Simon Cowell finally caught with his pants down, it looks like the era of reality music shows is coming to its much needed dismal end.

Being a fan of rock and pop music, as well as the musical styles that influenced them like blues, gospel, jazz, soul, reggae, folk, R&B, and even world music (yes, rock’n’roll originated in Africa way before Jesus Christ came to Earth!), I think it’s time that the ABC and the commercial channels brought live music shows back again like Countdown and Top of the Pops.  These shows featured bands and artists who had been slogging it out for years to build up a following and get signed to major record labels rather than overnight wannabes with no previous music experience or street cred behind them.  Audiences can spot fakes easily, and communicating with audiences is something you need to work on.  It’s not something you can buy over the counter like a bottle of orange juice.

When I lived in the UK, virtually everybody used to know who was in the charts thanks to Top of the Pops and the major radio stations all playing what was in the Top 40 regardless of whether people liked the music or not.  It’s time that the Australian TV industry stopped trying to compete with other countries and took things back to how they ran successfully for decades.  Leave the wannabes and hams for the show “Red Faces”, and let the true professionals perform their music on prime time TV shows.

The advent of digital music is something that I believe has been both a boon and a curse to the music industry at large.  When I first installed iTunes on my computer in around 2006, I was very excited and thought it was going to be an avenue for cheap music and being able to buy songs that I previously could only get on import through Rocking Horse or Skinny’s Music back in the 80’s and 90’s.  This year, when I tried to purchase the single “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” which made it to No.2 in the UK charts following the death of Margaret Thatcher, I got a message saying this song was only available to the British public!  Say what?!  If you are going to set up a digitised music service then you’ve got to work to make your music available to EVERYONE.  Unless I am mistaken, one of the reasons why many people decided to stop buying physical singles was because they wanted to buy stuff that was easily available to them on the Internet they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Digital music should really serve as a taster for physical singles.  As my friend d-Wizz had done with his music on mp3.com.au many moons ago, he only featured edited versions of his songs on MP3 so that people would buy the full versions on CD at gigs or at his studio.  Being somebody who likes tangible music in which I can hold the single or album cover in my hand musing over the photos and lyrics whilst the record is playing, the digital age has sapped that sense of spirituality with digital-only downloads.  I do not want record companies telling me what to buy or what’s hip – I want to buy my music the way I like it!  It’s like Hungry Jack’s – you can have a whopper your way or if you’re a vegetarian/vegan you can also buy veggie burgers if out on the road and there are no other places to buy a snack (which I will leave for a future discussion).  This is why I believe the public are slowly starting to lose their faith and trust in the major labels.

Today’s kids are wising up to physical music again with the gradual resurgence of interest in vinyl records and CD albums, and if the remaining three major labels want to continue to prosper and create healthy competition in the market again they’d better start pulling their fingers out and aim to please every corner of the market and stop being so greedy and arrogant.  It’s not the fat-cat CEOs that make the hits and call the shots: it’s the public you sell to.  And once the kids get fed up of squeaky-clean boy and girl next door reality music stars and clinical digital music formats, they will revolt!

Remember what happened in the late 70’s once the big record companies got too complacent and mainstream radio kept plugging away leftover 60’s superstars who were fast turning into yuppies?  Well, mark my words: I think it’s going to happen all over again.  The music and entertainment world moves in cycles and eventually the sheer greed, hypocrisy and political correctness of the mainstream entertainment world will be shat all over by the underground movements clearing the way for real talent and DIY music business ethics that made rock’n’roll, R&B, punk and rap so exciting in the first place.

Don’t join the revolution: BE the revolution!